Digital Menu – Before and After

I’ve been working with MELTZ Extreme Grilled Cheese for almost 3 years now. In that time, we’ve pushed the boundaries of Internet marketing, often spilling into marketing areas that have little or nothing to do with the core services we do offer: Web design, SEO, mobile friendliness, Video marketing, Social media, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, if anything, local businesses need more than just Internet marketing – and I like a good challenge 🙂

In this case, the owner had come up with a printed menu system that they could print and change on-site and use magnets to swap out menu items as they were updated. Really, for a small restaurant, it’s been an innovative and versatile way to keep costs down and still communicate menu changes effectively and immediately with customers. Here’s a look at the original system:


Original Menu Board at MELTZ Extreme


They could change a single item, description or price without having to reprint the whole board – or wait for a local printer to come back with the desired changes. Technology keeps moving forward and while this system worked fine, the owner wanted to try a digital menu system. You may have noticed digital signage systems popping up at KFC, Walmart, Super One, movie theaters, chain stores and franchises, etc. I have…

We looked at several solutions, some are exorbitantly expensive, some are cloud-based, and several come with monthly recurring fees. We finally settled on one we had more control over. We bought the hardware, it came with software that’s pretty easy to use. The price is affordable. There are no monthly fees, we can make changes on-site, and it freed us up to do some design changes to improve menu readability.

So, we now have a digital menu system on three 48″ TV’s to replace their printed menus. These TV’s can also display slides to promote specials, featured items and events, as well as videos (full screen or partial).

Here are a few pictures of the new system:

Digital Menu

Digital Signage





It’s sharp, crisp, vibrant and readable.

So…it’s new service we’re offering at Affordable Edge Marketing: Digital Signage.

We can help you get the equipment and program it to display whatever you’d like.

Digital signage is a great way to promote services, products, events and specials in a way that captures attention and engages your audience. Now even local business owners can benefit from this technology, at an affordable price.

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