Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update & You

Mobile-friendly updateGoogle’s latest algorithm change, their “mobile-friendly update,” will drop like a bomb on April 21st, expanding the use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal. This update includes App Indexing, which will highlight useful content from apps, for signed-in users searching on mobile devices.

What Does This Mean for You as a Local Business Owner/Manager?

Well, there is a lot of speculation and piles of theories out there. Bottom-line, investing in a website that caters to both desktop and mobile users is essential. Mobile usage is continuing to grow and evolve and as such, businesses also have to adapt and grow with users if they want to remain in the search results.

Three Things You Need to Know

1. Local Pack Results Will Not be Impacted

Right now, Local Pack Listings will not be affected by the update. If your Google My Business listing is showing up in the local pack results, and you’re site ISN’T mobile friendly – don’t sweat it just yet, your current rankings shouldn’t be impacted for now. Odds are very good that it won’t take long for this to catch up, so our advice is that you be proactive about it if you’re in this situation.

2. Organic Results Will Be Affected

If your site IS NOT mobile-friendly and you currently rank in mobile-organic results (generally up to 10 results/page), you may not rank as well after the update. This update is intended to provide a better mobile experience for searches and give searchers what they want. Ultimately results that provide a positive user-experience AND is mobile-friendly will receive rankings.

3. This Update Targets ONLY Mobile Results

Worried about your desktop rankings? Don’t. This new index is specifically directed to mobile search results and not desktop.

What Now?

With this mobile-friendly update, Google is targeting sites that provide mobile users with an awful experience. If your current site is adaptive or if you have a separate mobile site, you can still provide a positive mobile experience without going responsive.

Start by finding out how your site favors, by using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test or searching for your company’s website on your mobile device, the results will return a “mobile-friendly” message.  Take a look at your analytics data to gain a better understanding of your current mobile search visibility and user behavior. From here you should be able to determine the direction you need to take to provide a user-friendly, positive experience on all devices.

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