How To Preview Your Mobile App Demo

Preview your mobile app demo online

Once it’s ready, you’re probably going to want to preview your mobile app demo. We make it easy with our content management platform. You just log in with the username and password we send you and go to the tab marked “Step 4 – Preview.” You’ll be able to see your mobile app preview through our online viewer.


You’ll be able to see various functionalities specific to your industry like: click-to-call, maps and directions, social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email. Plus, when you preview your mobile app, you’ll see other features that will enhance your customer experience like: menus, inventory, food ordering/shopping cart, Facebook integration, Twitter integration, fan walls, photo gallery, events calendar, about us tab, your blog, company newsletter, your YouTube channel and so much more.

Remember, the whole goal here is twofold:

  1. To get your current customers to visit you more often and
  2. To encourage them to love your business and your app so much that they share it with their friends.

That kind of word-of-mouth advertising has always been the most effective. Our built-in social sharing features mean you get the benefit of more new customers.

Pretty much anything you can do with your website, can be done on a mobile website or app. Mobile devices give you some additional functions not available from your web server. With a mobile app you’ll benefit from things like Geo-location technology, mobile coupons, loyalty reward systems and push notifications. This is definitely something you’ll want to look at for your business soon. With our free demo you can preview your mobile app with no risk or obligation, why not just do it now?

We’ve got other videos and pages that explain the many ways a mobile website or app can help your business grow. Once you’ve seen your preview and decided a mobile app or website is worth a try, drop us a line or just place your order through our pricing page. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to our mobile app content management system. Our content management system also allows you to interact with your app, changing the functionality, content and appearance.

If you haven’t signed up for your free mobile app demo, just fill in the form in the sidebar so we can get started today! You’ll be able to preview you mobile app in no time…