Mobile App ROI: Push Notifications

How Can Push Notifications Help My Business

The Nuts and Bolts of Push Notifications

Push notifications are deceptively simple. They’re a bit like text messages, and a bit like Twitter. Think of your mobile app users like Twitter followers. Your push notification is like your tweet. The problem with Twitter is, just because someone is following you doesn’t mean they’ll see every tweet.

That’s where push notifications are like a text message. You send out your push message, and it’s like sending out a group text message. You know that those are much more likely to be seen. And the message that you send out is completely up to you.

If you own a restaurant, use push notices to fill up tables on a slow night. If you own a nightclub, let people know who the band or DJ is – or send out a drink/appetizer special. If you’re an entertainer, let your fans know where you’re playing. If it’s a slow night, the club owner will appreciate that you can market yourself. Any message or promotion that you as a business owner can think of, you can put in the palm of your customers hands with push notifications.